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Repair Your Marriage

In Ramadan

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Relationship Repair

Ramadan is an ideal time to repair your relationship. In this video training series, we're going to share powerful marriage advice that will maximize your rewards and restore your relationship. Even if you are doing it alone!


The Secret To Get Your Spouse to Recommit

Learn 6 effective skills that will get your spouse to get checked back into your marriage.

4 Marriage Repair Miracles

Even if you have brought up divorce you can learn 4 marriage blunders to avoid and 4 marriage miracles to restore your marriage.

5 Ways To Connect With A Difficult Spouse

Learn counter intuitive ways to get your spouse to emotionally connect with you this Ramadan. 

"Sister Haleh Banani is a gem in our community mashaAllah. I THOROUGHLY recommend her 5pillarsofmarriage.com program for everyone."

Sh. Omar Suleiman
President, Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research

"I have personally known Sr. Haleh Banani for over 24 years & fully believe in her expert capabilities as a psychologist & Muslim role model. I humbly believe that learning from her expertise on this subject is a rare opportunity, especially in this manner & Islamic context"

Dr. Yasir Qadhi
Dean of Academic Affairs, AlMaghrib Institute

"… You have to checkout the 5 Pillars of Marriage…It’s absolutely a powerful course mashAllah…May Allah reward sister Haleh…"

Mohammed Faris
Founder, ProductiveMuslim.com


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