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A Proven Step-By-Step Program That Will Transforms Your Marriage, Guaranteed!

Start Saving Your Marriage Today!
Learn proven and practical techniques using the latest breakthroughs in psychology with sound Islamic principles.
This program was designed using the proven Marriage Transformation Framework, by Haleh Banani, a marriage counselor with 25 years of experience saving thousands of marriages in her private practice and 25 years being happily married, masha'Allah tabarak Allah.
You may recognize Haleh from her many appearances in top publications and her TV show.



  • Do You Live Like Roommates?
  • Do You Feel Lonely, Isolated, And Disconnected?
  • Does Every Fight End in Threats of Divorce?
  • Has Your Spouse Checked Out of The Relationship?

The sad fact is 1 in 2 marriages ends in divorce, but many couples continue to live in marriages held together at the seams. Name-calling. Bickering. Fighting… 

Most marriages won’t make it to their fourth year… let alone their 40th.

If there’s a voice in the back of your mind, wondering if your marriage is truly over, wondering if your kids are destined to grow up being bounced from parent-to-parent, or if you can win the love & affection of your spouse, it’s time to change.

Ask Yourself Right Now:

  • Are You Anxious About the Next Fight?
  • Are You Only Staying for The Kids?
  • Are You Suffering from Lack of Trust?


  • Are You Feeling Lonely, or Emotionally Disconnected?
  • Are You Consumed with Thoughts of Divorce?
  • Are You Wishing Your Partner Respected You?
If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, it’s time to take immediate action.

Your marriage is in crisis, and it’s not going to get better on its own.

If this sounds familiar – you are not alone.

My sole purpose is to help you transform your marriage so it becomes a source of comfort and peace.

Assalamu Alaikum! I’m Haleh Banani, an internationally recognized relationship expert, and faith-based marriage counselor.

Chances are you are here today because you are deeply unhappy with your marriage.

You’re doing everything you know to try and make it better, but nothing seems to work. You may be lonely, miserable, insecure or you may have been cheated on.

Whatever the reason, for many people, a loving and fulfilling marriage becomes a distant, forgotten unattainable dream.

They feel hopeless, and contemplating divorce only seems to bring a new wave of problems.  It can even affect your children’s self-esteem, your reputation, your finances and their future relationships.

Congratulations on your incredible courage and strength in making it this far. I’m so grateful that you can be here.

It fills me with deep gratitude to share my Five Pillars of Marriage program with you, in your time of need. This program will be a new beginning for your marriage, insha’Allah.

In it, I will walk you through the same groundbreaking Marriage Transformation Framework I’ve created from my own clinical practice helping couples restore their marriage against all the odds, Alhamdullilah.

My 5 Pillars are the cornerstone of a happy, satisfying, and fulfilling marriage that is based on 25 years of professional experience saving marriages and 25 years of personal experience being happily married, TabarakAllah.



My 5 Pillars of Marriage Program Can Transform Your Marriage!

My 5 Pillars of Marriage program offers a refreshing way for couples to rescue their marriage based on accredited advice with an Islamic perspective. I have a Masters in Clinical Psychology and an impressive record of saving marriages worldwide.

What you will learn in my program has helped thousands of couples around the world save their marriages from the brink of divorce. Couples who were constantly fighting now have an exemplary marriage their children can admire. I do this by teaching couples how to undo years of pain and anguish, and by offering couples an amazing and transformative program they can use at home.

Traditional marriage counseling, or meeting with your Imam, can often cause problems in an already failing marriage. This setback can increase your feelings of bitterness, anger, or resentment.

If you want to save your marriage, you must commit to taking action of starting a journey to a fulfilling married by signing up for a program that is a joy to use.

As a happily married mother of three amazing adult children, tabarakAllah, I understand what it takes to build a lasting relationship that brings happiness to the entire family.

I created a program that couples genuinely love to use, MashaAllah and that I love to teach. Saving your marriage should be a liberating and loving experience. Now it can be, for you, if you choose my Five Pillars of Marriage program.

Rekindle Your Friendship:

  • It will help you to be your absolute best, emotionally, spiritually and intellectually
  • It will transform your attitude and expectations to help you have a fulfilling marriage
  • It will help you to navigate all the problems in your life with confidence and newfound peace

Restore Mutual Love and Respect:

  • It will resolve conflict and stop the fights
  • It will erase resentment and past frustrations
  • It will open new dialogue and lines of communication
  • It will enable your specific needs to be met by your spouse
  • It will teach you how to pinpoint and deliver on your partner’s needs

Create Passion and Intimacy:

  • It will teach you to have a fulfilling intimate relationship
  • It will help you to overcome cultural taboos about physical intimacy
  • It will foster a positive association to intimacy
  • It will prepare you to fulfill one another completely
  • It will simplify and help you understand gender differences
  • It will teach you the needs and expectations of each gender


“I’m Scared My Marriage Is Already Over!”

Alhamdulillah that you are here! My Five Pillars of Marriage program has helped Thousands of people just like you. While it might seem impossible or frustrating now, realize that everything truly happens for a reason.

I know that you found my Five Pillars of Marriage program because it holds an extraordinary message just for you and that now is your time to experience a relationship rebirth, as Allah has wished for you, insha’Allah!

If you feel frustrated, alone, or resentful of your spouse, my program is waiting to help. Many people fail to ask for help when they feel their marriage is already over. They think it’s too late for help, or feel there is no way out, but the truth is, there are very few times when there is no hope left.

If you are facing divorce or are currently separated, I have created this program just for you, to bring a marriage in crisis back to a place of peace and harmony. I work with couples, who like you, are experiencing the most severe problems in their marriage and who feel they have nowhere to turn or have run out of options.

I promise, if you want to save your marriage from divorce at the bitter end, but find yourself thinking, “I’ve tried everything, and nothing works,” or “I want to save my marriage, but my spouse isn’t interested,” I can show you a truly meaningful way to save your marriage, tabarakAllah.

“What If My Spouse Refuses to Seek Help?”

Don’t worry the vast majority of people who get the program or come to me for help start on their own. Like you, they want to save their marriage and reconnect with their spouse, but their wife or husband has checked out of the relationship and may even tell them flat out “No! I don’t need any help”.


I understand these situations can make you feel even more alone, depressed and hopeless. It may cause you to lose faith in ever resolving your problems.

My Five Pillars of Marriage program is a groundbreaking step-by-step course that shows you how one determined spouse, working alone, can cause lasting and significant change to save the relationship and achieve a fulfilling marriage, insha’Allah.

Your journey will begin with focus on self-empowerment and personal transformation. As you change yourself, your spouse will respond to you differently, and before you know it, your marriage will be transformed. All you need to do is go through each Pillar, in order, and do the short activities that I will empower you to take a proactive approach to creating a loving, supportive, and lasting marriage.

You have to checkout 5 Pillars of Marriage… It’s absolutely a powerful course MashAllah… May Allah reward sister Haleh…

Mohammed Faris

“Is There Really Hope for My Marriage?”

There is always hope, insha’Allah; if you apply the skills I teach in the course wholeheartedly, and commit to changing your contribution to the problems in your marriage, whether that’s 10% or 50%, I can help you.

Allow me the gift of guiding you to a fulfilling relationship, where your marriage, your life, and your love are transformed, insha’Allah.

The first thing I will teach you is how to get the right mindset to see a fresh new start (this happens with or without your spouse’s participation).

When this transformation occurs, you will see each other in a new light, and be able to work through my other Pillars. This is a golden opportunity to start over without remorse or resentment and is the reason why so many couples are successful in transforming their marriage.

Take Time to Reconnect Physically & Emotionally Each & Everyday

Haleh Banani

I know it seems impossible right now, in the dark, but I promise, Allah has an incredible plan set out for you. All you must do is put the pieces in motion and have the courage to say, “Yes! I am prepared to show my commitment to my marriage and my spouse by going through this marriage program, insha’Allah!”

You Want the Program, But Do You Feel Like You Can’t Afford It?

FamilyWhen you were planning to get married, you were willing to spend thousands of dollars on flowers, decorations and a venue for just one night.

For less than $1 a day, this program can save your marriage so that each and every day will become a source of comfort and happiness for you and your children.

Isn’t your marriage worth this small investment?

If you think you can’t afford this program, consider the cost of divorce; legal fees cost several thousand dollars and come with the risk of maintaining two separate homes.

The financial losses of splitting the marital assets, which typically go over $20,000, is more than some people realize.

We tried to make this program as affordable as possible by providing payment options so that everyone can afford to benefit from it, insha’Allah. If you have special circumstances that require different payment options, please don’t hesitate to ask and we will do our best to accommodate you and your needs.

Keep in mind that by signing up for my Five Pillars of Marriage program, there is no risk to you because my program is backed by a 100% money back guarantee. If you feel you did not benefit from the information, you can get a full refund with no hassle. I want you to have the best chance possible to restore your marriage without spending thousands of dollars in therapy.

The information you will learn is equivalent to 6 months of marriage counseling, which is easily valued at over $6,000.

You truly are a gift from Allah to me.

Private Sister, A.A from United Kingdom
5 Pillars of Marriage Member

How Can It Work If We’re Not Face-To-Face?


You may be wondering how watching a bunch of videos can save your marriage. Well, marriage counseling is primarily based on education, so whether you are in a counselor’s office or watching videos, you will need to learn the skills and techniques to transform your marriage.

I created The Five Pillars of Marriage program specifically for online students who have a commitment to fixing their marriage. Using videos and exercises, I will teach you all my methods within one easy to follow, five-week program; all from the comfort of your own home.

All you have to do is log in to your member’s area and work through the materials as I guide you, insha’Allah. If for some reason you have questions, you can contact me through your member’s area, or you can ask for a private session, but most couples find that the online course materials offer everything they need to create lasting change in their marriage.

Come and see for yourself how it feels like I am right there with you, by watching my videos that I have recorded just for you, and if you still aren’t totally convinced then remember, you have a 30-day money back guarantee and have nothing to lose but the chance to fix your marriage.

 “…I can’t say enough good things about the course. My relationships with my husband has never been better.”

Private Sister, R.H. from Canada
5 Pillars of Marriage Member

The Five Pillars of Marriage

We developed The Five Pillars of Marriage as a special online program to teach couples how to transform their marriage into a reunion of love, respect, and harmony, as Allah intended. The Five Pillars connect the dots emotionally, spiritually, and physically, to create a renewed and lasting union.

I also understand how hard it can be to admit that you need help; to tell your loved one you want to go to therapy can bring up all kinds of questions neither of you is ready to face.

It can be embarrassing to go to therapy to share your problems with a total stranger, or to admit there is no intimacy, or that your spouse has been cheating on you, but that doesn’t mean you should continue to live in conflict.

You both deserve so much more.

No matter where you join my course from (be it divorce, heading to court, or during a separation or custody battle), I promise in just twenty minutes a day, I can teach you how to resolve conflict, return intimacy, align your collective and spiritual goals, and transform your marriage.

I work with couples who are on the brink of divorce, who are struggling to talk to each other, or who are separated, restoring the love and sanctity of marriage.

If these couples can get back their marriage in as little as five weeks, I promise, you can too insha’Allah. All I ask is you bring an open mind, an open heart, and a willingness to commit yourself to the program as I teach it to you.


Couples who are willing to follow my techniques, and Five Pillars, are rewarded with the fulfilling and happy marriage they so desperately crave.

Are you ready to become one of my many success stories, insha’Allah?


This Course Is for You If:

  • Your Spouse Has Mentally “Checked Out” of the Relationship
  • You Are Sick and Tired of Fighting All the Time
  • You Are Considering Divorce, or They Want to Leave You
  • You No Longer Feel “In-Love” or Attracted to Your Spouse
  • You Know or Suspect Your Spouse Has Cheated on You
  • You Feel Like Your Partner Won’t Take Responsibility
  • You No Longer Have an Intimate Relationship or Lack Affection

The Five Pillars of Marriage Curriculum

My Mindset Training for a Successful Marriage


To get you ready for your transformation, insha’Allah, I have prepared a very special introductory course to get into the right mindset for saving your marriage.

This introductory step is an amazing opportunity for you to see your relationship in a new light, and for your partner to respond to you more positively. It teaches you how to become the best spouse you can be, and will make you feel hopeful and loving once more, insha’Allah.

It is especially important for you to do this mindset training if your relationship is facing conflict, as you need to reset how you feel about your marriage.

The mindset training will also renew your confidence and courage, and is the foundation of why so many couples have successfully completed The Five Pillars of Marriage program.

This is especially true for couples who have tried traditional marriage counseling and who have struggled to fix their problems in the past. So, if you have “tried everything else” and nothing worked, please know that you didn’t do anything wrong. You were simply not taught how to restore your marriage in a meaningful way. Now you can put all your worries and stress behind you, and prepare your marriage for a transformation, insha’Allah!




Pillar 1: Self-Development

A Better Your for A Better Marriage

superb program…we were going through a very challenging period…thank you for saving our marriage!

Brother Faisal from United Kingdom
5 Pillars of Marriage Member

In Pillar 1, you will learn how to become the best version of yourself physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. You will learn how to set an example of how you wish to be treated, by showering your spouse with attention and respect they crave. When you are at your best, you will bring out the best in your spouse.

I went from hating myself severely to thanking Allah for how He created me

Private Sister, A.A from United Kingdom
5 Pillars of Marriage Member

Learn to celebrate the beauty of who you are, and what unique qualities you bring to your marriage – for there are many! This is a timeless gift, for you and your spouse, and is one that will serve you in incredible ways for the rest of your lives, insha’Allah.


Pillar 2: Friendship

The Best Predictor of Marital Happiness

In Pillar 2, you will rediscover the missing spark of friendship and will learn how to bring back a sense of compassion and fulfillment to your relationship.

Alhamdulilah the marriage program was an amazing learning experience!

Sister Binte, from Pakistan
5 Pillars of Marriage Member

Learn to give love in the way that will win your spouse over and finally receive the love you have always longed for, or wish to recover. Research continues to show that friendship is the cornerstone of a lasting and satisfying marriage. In this Pillar, you will be able to reconnect with your spouse so that you learn to lift one another up and resume working towards your common goals, as Allah has chosen for you, insha’Allah.


Pillar 3: Spirituality

Live & Love With A Higher Purpose

In Pillar 3, you will set out on an incredible path, insha’Allah, where you will learn to walk with your spouse through the grand plan that Allah has put forth for you, tabarakAllah! Too often, an unhappy marriage blinds us to our faith, and we lose sight of our spiritual needs and well-being.

I have been able to transform myself from an angry, reactive, needy spouse to one who is supportive yet still attentive to his needs

Private Sister, from Saudi Arabia
5 Pillars of Marriage Member

When you learn how to reconnect and service your spiritual needs and give your relationship over to Allah’s plan, you and your spouse will reconnect in a soulful way. When your marriage becomes your means to attain paradise, everything becomes easier. It will tap into all your character reserves to bring out the best in your marriage. The God consciousness will help you to be consistently fair, loving and upright living a life of loyalty and service. Only then can you see the wonders that lie ahead of you, and appreciate what has been offered to you without ego, Masha’Allah.


Pillar 4: Conflict Resolution

Communicate Like A Marriage Master

Pillar 4 is the heart of the program and is jam packed with groundbreaking techniques to solve your problems. In this Pillar, you will learn the most effective, transformative ways to deal with conflict, such as how to communicate so that you can avoid fights,

Your program changed us! We’ve been married 40 years & we were going through some difficulties but you got us right back on track. We are so grateful to you!

Private Couple, from USA
5 Pillars of Marriage Member

how to express your needs and how to resolve conflict without disrespecting one another or fighting. All the hot topics that lead to relationship conflict are discussed in this Pillar: money, in-laws, kids, intimacy, and much more. Learn the most up to date and researched methods of solving problems and avoiding conflicts with your spouse. It is said that it’s not the absence of conflict that makes a great marriage, but how conflicts are resolved. You will be empowered with revolutionary ways to end all conflicts to create a peaceful and loving marriage, insha’Allah.


Pillar 5: Physical Intimacy

 Make Your Attraction Last a Lifetime

In Pillar 5, you will reveal why intimacy in marriage plays a pivotal role in marital satisfaction. Learn the most important needs of men and women to have a fulfilling physical relationship.

May Allah reward u sister. This type of program is long overdue in our community.

Sister Sharifa, from Malaysia
5 Pillars of Marriage Member

Overcome any negative associations or cultural taboos to embrace the physical, emotional and spiritual bond of intimacy. Intimacy is also the area couples are most anxious in facing. I will also reveal how to resolve common intimacy issues with a unique, and respectful, Islamic perspective, and will show you how to repair any damage caused by infidelity or isolation. This Pillar will become a gift from me-to-you that keeps on giving, insha’Allah.


Sign Up Today & You’ll Also Receive

Instant Access to These Free Bonuses:

Recover Infidelity
Move Beyond The Pain

Emotional or physical infidelity is painful and usually results in deeply damaged trust. Many couples want to know if they should choose to stay together and fix their relationship. In this course, you will learn to evaluate your relationship, examine the effect of the extramarital affair on your marriage and get the tools that will help you decide if your marriage is worth saving or if the transgression has destroyed it beyond repair.

Forgiveness in Relationships
Learn To Let Go

Learning to forgive is an essential part of building successful relationships. The reality is that your capability to ask for and/or seek forgiveness is one of the most essential marriage skills needed for you to have the loving and fulfilling relationship you crave. In this bonus course, you will learn to let go of toxic hurt and rid yourself of negative emotions that are holding you back from building the relationship you deserve.

The Wedding Night
Let's Make it Memorable

The wedding night can be either a source of excitement or apprehension by many practicing Muslim couples. This program will help you to connect both physically and emotionally in order to enhance your experience. You will learn to overcome any negative associations or fear you may have with physical intimacy in order to relax and enjoy the halal union with your new spouse. If you have any reservations or concerns regarding the wedding night you need to watch this!

Rights and Obligations of Spouses with Sh. Dr. Omar Suleiman
What Islam Says About A Successful Relationship

In this exclusive 1 hour video Sh. Omar Sulieman not only discusses the rights and obligations of spouses in Islam covering finances, relationships, sexuality & in-laws but also helps you to understand the importance of being loving & compassionate. Sheikh Omar will shed light on many ambiguous topics helping the viewer have a better understanding of marriage. 

A Balancing Act
A Healthy Couples Guide on Dealing with In-Laws

From monster in-laws to I love my in-laws. One of the most common problems among Muslim couples are problems with their in-laws. Whether you live together or only see each other a couple of times a year, this relationship can be a source of tension and difficulties. In this course, you will learn how to navigate this very delicate relationship in order to avoid problems and gain the love of your spouse as you wisely build a loving and respectful relationship with your in-laws.

Anger Management
Take Control & Rebuild Your Marriage

Anger is one of the most common problems couples face in their marriages and is probably one of the biggest contributors to marital stress and the breakdown in relationships. The prophet salalahu alaihi wasalam famously counseled a man telling him, "la taghdab" (don't become angry, repeating it three times). In this course, you will learn to manage this natural emotion that can destroy your marriage.

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Get started building the marriage you desire today. You will be billed 6 monthly payments starting today. Cancel anytime within 30 days for a full refund.

If Your Aren’t Feeling More Hopeful,
There’s a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

I know my Five Pillars of Marriage works because I see it transform the lives of couples every day. These are people, who just like you, are desperate for change and who are ready to commit to my Five Pillars. I stand by my promise to help you transform your marriage, and if for any reason, you feel that after 30-days you did not benefit from the program after going through the exercises, I will refund you the full amount.

I know my Five Pillars of Marriage is by far the most comprehensive and well-researched marriage program out there and can help you receive all of Allah’s blessings, which is why I proudly put this guarantee on every program sold; this is my promise to you. Think of it like “try-before-you-buy;” I challenge you to put my program to the test and save your marriage today!

Invest in Your Marriage and Learn the Skills to Build a Happier Home on 5 Pillars!


You owe it to your marriage, your spouse, your family, your children, and yourself!

If your marriage is in jeopardy, now is the time to act. Allow my 5 Pillars of Marriage to become the turning point in your marriage, so when you look back on this difficult time, you can insha’Allah confidently say, “That was the exact moment I made a real commitment to my family.”

You are truly a very gifted and compassionate healer

Private Sister, A.S from Canada
5 Pillars of Marriage Member

Don’t make the only unforgivable mistake; don’t give up on your marriage. Sign up for my Five Pillars of Marriage program today, and I’ll teach you how to repair a marriage from the brink of divorce, infidelity loneliness, and so much more, insh’Allah, using my unique 5-week online program, videos, handbooks, and tools.

I understand what it’s like to be in your position – when you don’t know what each new day will bring or if your marriage will even survive. Hundreds of couples have been in your situation, and let me tell you, no one regrets trying to save their marriage, but people tell me all the time, “We wish we used your Five Pillars sooner, Haleh, it totally transformed our lives!”

"… the information that Sr. Haleh provided saved our marriage…"

Private Couple

Frequently Asked Questions

To access my Five Pillars of Marriage program, and to cement your commitment to your marriage, simply log into your member’s area (new couples, please sign up here) and watch my introductory video that I recorded for you.


I will be there to guide you through the Five Pillars, as you learn how to transform your marriage, so you always have my support and guidance of an understanding friend.

After you sign up, we will send you an email with your login information so you can access the course from anywhere. If you didn’t receive this email, please be sure to check your spam folder, or send us a message to [email protected], and we will be happy to assist you.

My Five Pillars of Marriage is a proven step-by-step program designed to save marriages and teach people to have a happy, committed and fulfilling marriage, mashaAllah, but it’s so much more than that; inside, you will get 20 years of personal and professional experience, complete with actual clinical research.


I combined the knowledge I gained during of my Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology, with my proven techniques, along with sound, Islamic principles, to offer you an enjoyable, and easy-to-use 5-week, online program.

You will be welcomed into a lifetime membership where you will receive my 5-week online course that will strengthen your marriage and return it to a place of love and devotion. I will also give you exclusive access to online tutorials, my handbook featuring real-life exercises, and I will support you on your journey, inshAllah.

Join today, and you will also get instant access to five exclusive bonuses that will help you to understand your marital rights and obligations, help you live with your in-laws, and help you overcome infidelity or other traumatic problems.

Finally, you also get my sincerest promise that if for whatever reason, you are not 100% totally satisfied with your lifetime membership, I will honor your 30-day money back guarantee. While hardly anyone ever asks for this, as they are thrilled with the results, I want you to know this is an option on the table for you to gain complete confidence what I can teach you.

The beauty of my Five Pillars of Marriage is that you don’t need much time to complete the course to see results. You should commit yourself to around 20 minutes a day during periods of study. The Five Pillars can be completed within only five weeks, but I encourage students to return throughout their lifetime membership for a refresher course.


You can skip to specific areas if you need immediate guidance, but I recommend following the program in the order it is presented (especially if this is your first time using my program). I created the Five Pillars of Marriage program to grow and evolve with your marriage, so be sure to invest as much time as you believe your relationship to be worth. There is no such thing as spending too much time on your marriage.

In most cases, one spouse will sign up for my Five Pillars of Marriage program in the hopes of saving their marriage on their own. I want you to know that you are not alone, even though you may feel it. I understand it isn’t always possible for both spouses to be mentally prepared to resolve their marriage issues at the same time; usually, one person will come to me in the hopes of fixing their marriage, and my Five Pillars guides them on how to restore the balance of their relationship, so that their spouse will respond with their desire to make positive changes.


To help you achieve this, I have created a unique introductory course that will help you take action on your own to restoring your marriage. You will learn independently how to resolve conflict, reduce stress and tension, and increase positive and loving communication with solo-exercises you can use today.

At its heart, my Five Pillars of Marriage program teaches you how to serve better and love your spouse, and in that respect, we are all on our path. So, feel free to jump in on your own, or choose to invite them along for the ride later. There is no wrong way to commit to your relationship. And, in many cases, I find that if you complete the introductory mindset course, your spouse will be willing to do so as well.

What members love about my Five Pillars of Marriage is that you get so much more than a proven step-by-step program designed to save marriages, you get access to real people who really care about you and your marriage. My husband and I love to hear from you; honestly, no question is too small or too insignificant, and by reaching out, you might unlock the missing step in your journey. Simply contact us at [email protected], and we will reply within 24 hours, tabarakAllah.

Inspiring Couples To Live & Love With A Higher Purpose

At 5pillarsofmarriage.com we are dedicated to helping people save their marriages and live fulfilling peaceful lives. We believe that Sr. Haleh's 5 Pillars program will benefit and transform most marriages if applied consistently. However, there are exceptions to people staying married. If there is any form of physical violence or severe emotional abuse, we believe it may be in the best interest of everyone involved to seek professional help.


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